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Detouring In Bangkok: Joining Detours Gay Travel

A few months back, an email popped up in my inbox. It was from someone who’d seen my site, and wanted to work together. Rather than attempt to use my blog for free advertising while telling me that I won’t get charged a penny, this email greatly interested me. The email was from Miles at Detours Travel…, and he wanted to work with me, as he’d read that I would be coming to Bangkok on the exact same day
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Dating In Taipei, Or Looking Around The Corner

A few months ago, I bemoaned dating in Taipei and my lack of options for finding a decent long-term relationship prospect here in Taiwan. I blamed it on my status as an expat-slash-traveller…, the kind of person who is often seen as undesirable for dating due to their propensity to up and move sticks more frequently than your average person. Now I’m starting to rethink my stance. Maybe the problem isn’t that I travel a lot. Heck, that seems
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One Night In Theatron

Walking down the street, chatting away to Andres, I felt much safer in Bogota than I had when I’d been there about a month earlier. Despite the sun having gone down in the Colombian capital city, and with a cocktail or two in me, I wasn’t on edge. There were a group of young men loitering about. I didn’t make eye contact, and just walked around them. They didn’t bat an eyelid, and no shouts trailed behind me, unlike when…
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Taipei Is So Gay. And I Love It.

If you ask a person about a gay hub in Asia, their mind will likely go to Bangkok. Possibly Hong Kong. Maybe even Singapore. I doubt that many people would instantly think of Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, which is a shame – as Taipei is the new gay capital of Asia. That’s right, Bangkok, move over with your gay-for-pay sex shows fuelled by Viagra, your money boys, and your Caucasian men with no game hunting for Thai twinks. Taipei is…
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The Difficulties Of Dating As An Expat-Slash-Traveller

When you travel a lot, dating is never easy. I think most (single) folk who travel long-term would agree with me on this one. Meeting someone is never really that difficult. The traveller is cast in the role of the exotic foreigner, whirling through cities and towns, a care-free spirit with no ties, not wanting to be bound by any one person. In Colombia, I’d get stopped in the streets by people telling me how beautiful my blue eyes are.…
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Travelling and Being Gay in Eastern Europe

Being gay on the road isn’t always easy, and that’s something I discovered more than ever while travelling around the world this year. It was pretty damn easy in some places – San Francisco, for example. Montreal, too, and Berlin. Being gay in Eastern Europe wasn’t quite so easy, akin to South Korea, which I’ve written about before…. Sure, things in Eastern Europe aren’t perfect for gay men but, unless you’re looking for gay resorts or intend on making
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Sexy Asian Men, Or A Rant From A Sort-Of Rice Queen

People in the West: when’s the last time you saw any sexy Asian men in the media? I’m not talking about K-Pop stars or the actors in Chinese dramas. I’m talking about representations of sexy Asian men in western culture. I’m going to guess that your answer to my question is, “I don’t remember”, “a long time ago” or “never”. My friend Sarah talks about this in detail in a great blog post… that she wrote. However, that’s not what
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What A Bad Date Taught Me

I met Mal on a Friday night, during my birthday week where I went to Amsterdam and London with my brother Harry and my best friend Will. He showed up twenty minutes late as I sat by myself in Edge Bar in Soho, where the typical questions that run through your mind when you’ve met somebody on a dating app occupy you. Do I look like my picture? What if he’s a psycho killer? What if we have nothing to…
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Not Hot Enough For Miami: Body Issues

I’m sat on a hostel bed right now, having quickly just shoved my laptop off my legs so as not to add any more pain to my already sunburned thighs. Sunburn thanks to wearing a pair of fairly small dark red swimming shorts that show more leg than the shorts I usually wear, which only resulted in my calves turning a shade reminiscent of radioactive lobster.   A few weeks ago, when I was in Miami, these shorts wouldn’t fit…
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4 Fabulous Gay Travel Resources

As I’ve written before, it’s not easy to define… the gay traveller. When people mention gay travel, they’re usually talking about oiled-up Muscle Marys in tiny speedos strutting around like peacocks on any available strip of sand whilst staying in some kind of luxury resort sipping on cocktails and generally being all kinds of fabulous.   The truth is that travellers are a varied bunch, ranging from folks who prefer to stay in exclusively gay resorts, to those who like
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