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Korean Slang: 10 More Essential Words

There’s been a massive change in my life lately, and it’s one I haven’t shouted from the rooftops or publicised much. I’m now single. Yes, no more me and Gil Dong. Which makes me feel rather foolish for writing posts like this. I’m not going to go into details, so if you want some, you better come buy me a margarita and loosen my tongue up. Also, for now, I have no plans to go back to South Korea…
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이열치열: Beat Fire With Fire

A while ago, someone that I follow – and I’m not sure who – tweeted asking a question about how a Korean word,이열치열 (ee-yeol-chee-yeol), could be translated into English. I’d never heard of the word before, and after a quick check, found that it has no direct translation in English, but is along the lines of, “overcoming a bad thing with another bad thing.” I asked Gil Dong… about it, and he used an analogy about food to explain it.
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Korean Idioms: 10 Essential Phrases

Korean idioms, for the non-native speaker, are pretty much just like English idioms – they can be very hard to get your head around, unless you know what they mean. Called 숙어 (sook-eo) in Korean, it can be useful to know a few Korean idioms, whether you’re learning Korean, or want to freak out your Korean co-workers or friends with your knowledge of a few phrases.   I did a guide to Korean slang… a while back, so thought it
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Korean Slang: 10 Essential Words

Today, I’m bringing you your essential Korean slang for if you ever make it here to the Land of the Morning Calm. This is long overdue as I haven’t posted anything about learning Korean in a fair while. I mean, I used to do the Friday Phrases every week – well, I should have done them every week, but totally didn’t – although I think everyone is in agreement that Foodporn Friday… is a much, much better idea. That way
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Why You Should Go To Language Exchanges

Learning a language yourself can be difficult to say the least. I’ve been learning Korean solidly since about November 2010, and have lost count of the number of times I’ve almost pulled my hair out whilst flinging a practice test paper across the room in frustration. Luckily, Gil Dong has been able to help me out and encourage me, and has been my cheerleader…, even making me take the TOPIK (Korean proficiency test) – I passed the beginner’s level
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Friday Phrase #19: Voca Quest 1!

여려분은 안녕하세요! 오랜만이에요. 대단히 죄송합니다. Helloooo everyone, and welcome to another Friday Phrase – it’s been a while! Apologies of course…there is no excuse, just a mini burn-out and a need for a wee rest! So today’s phrase is going to follow a bit of a different format. If you’re out there and you’re learning Korean, vocabulary is key. If you know all the grammar but no words, then you’re never going to be able to have a conversation! So…what…
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Friday Phrase #18

  여러분 안녕하세요! …Welcome to another Friday Phrase, and thanks for stopping by!   So, what are we going to be blabbing about today? Since the last Friday Phrase was two weeks ago, I’m going to treat you all today to something super, super naughty that you won’t want to say in polite conversation…    
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Friday Phrase #17

여러분 안녕하세요!… Welcome to another Friday Phrase, and thanks for stopping by!   So, what are we going to be blabbing about today? Well, have you ever wanted to do something soooooo much that you were about to go crazy? Like, when you were younger and you got so excited over Christmas, or going on holiday with your family?    
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Friday Phrase #16

  여러분 안녕하세요!… Welcome to another Friday Phrase, and thanks for stopping by!   As you may remember, last week’s phrase dealt with that walking advert for chlamydia screening – the playboy! Today’s shall be the opposite. No, we’re not talking virgins – we’re talking adorable people!    
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Friday Phrase #15

여러분 안녕하세요! Welcome to another Friday Phrase, and thanks for stopping by!   Now, we all know that one guy who is, shall we say, a bit loose with his morals. The kind who has a different girl on his arm every week and always seems to be going on a last minute holiday… to glam destinations.   He’s usually smooth, charming, handsome, well-dressed…   And a jerk.   But of course, you don’t want to say that to his face now, do you?
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