A Bunch Of Stuff That I’m Thankful For

People from the USA and Canada always have the monopoly when it comes to gratitude. I mean, they have an entire holiday devoted just to being thankful. What about people in the UK? Well, we don’t have that. Whenever anybody asks me about holidays in the UK, I always get a little stumped and mumble, “erm, Christmas is the biggest one,” and I vaguely attempt to explain the concept of bank holiday Mondays, plus explain that we don’t have an…
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December 1, 2014

My Winter To-Do List

After months of constantly perspiring and gulping in lungfuls of damp air in the oppressive moisture and heat of Taipei’s summer…, winter has finally arrived in Taipei! At least, that’s what
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November 27, 2014

Snapshots From Tainan

I’ve been living in Taiwan for close to a year now, yet I can still count the amount of places I’ve been to outside of Taipei on one hand: Jiufen, Leefoo Village, Houtong (for its cat village…), and
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November 9, 2014

I Have Stuff

It’s been a little while since my last blog post…, in which I lamented my lack of stuff, and also span you a rather long-winded yarn about a painful incident involving an ingrown toenail. To be frank, I’ve
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October 15, 2014

I Want Stuff

The past two weeks have been a complete and utter mess. After a brutal summer where I somehow managed to avoid spontaneous combustion… and melting into a dank puddle made up of my own sweat, the seasons began
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October 13, 2014

Taipei Stop By Stop #3: Li Family Mansion @ Sanmin Senior High School

The Li Family Mansion (蘆洲李宅古蹟) …, sometimes referred to as the Li Family Abode (and sometimes spelled Lee), isn’t somewhere I’d ever really planned on visiting in Taipei. However,
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October 8, 2014

I Think I’m Obsessed With LINE

Every country has a free messaging app that’s more popular than all the others. The UK has Whatsapp. South Korea is crazy for Kakao Talk…. China has WeChat. Some countries prefer Viber. Here in Taiwan,
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