The Dog Days Aren’t Over

The media always paints a rosy picture of owning a dog. A canine bounding over to its owner, tail wagging, all joy and slobbery kisses. Or an adorable puppy that has completely unravelled your delightfully soft toilet roll, but the puppy is so damn cute that you can’t be mad at it for wasting your overpriced butt wipes. Or the dog that dutifully follows you while you hike through fields and meadows, not getting at all distracted by things like…
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July 1, 2015

The Macau Casino Survival Guide

The first time I ever went in a casino was in Macau. Or, at least I think it was. It’s the first one I remember. I may have been to one in Newcastle before, whilst drunk and swooning over a fine hunk of heterosexual…
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June 24, 2015

On This Travel Blogging Thing

I’ve been writing this blog since way back in September 2010, which is now almost five years ago. Half a decade. When Yazhou was still a puppy and I was, well, still teaching English. OK so not much has…
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May 8, 2015

All The Delicious Things I Ate In April-i

Work, take care of dogs. Work, meet friends, research dog problems. That’s pretty much been my life lately, but I’m not complaining. I have some great things coming up in the next couple of months,…
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May 6, 2015

Exploring Manka: Taipei Walking Tours

As a blogger who occasionally travels and then writes about things, I get a fair few emails in my inbox from people and companies who are looking to work with me. Some of them make sense, like Hostelbookers and…
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April 15, 2015

The Hottie That I Wouldn’t Call Again

Everyone has been on one of those dates before, right? It’s the date you can’t believe you’re going on in the first place, because it’s with somebody so ridiculously beautiful…
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April 8, 2015

It’s Akihabar-my!

There are plenty of things to do in Akihabara, which is quite possibly Tokyo’s barmiest neighbourhood, hence the puntastic title of this post, and when people envision the Japanese capital, it’s…
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