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Getting Into A Healthy Groove: What I’ve Been Eating Lately

I have a confession to make: I haven’t been eating out all that often lately. Heck, I’ve barely been eating out at all over the past couple of months, as I’ve been whipping my butt back into shape after gaining a ridiculous amount of weight over both Christmas and my first few months in Taiwan, partially due to not having a proper kitchen, partially because of bacon pancakes. OK, mainly because of bacon pancakes. And, you know, not really exercising.…
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Getting Fresh In France: French Mountain Food

Given its proximity to my home country, I haven’t spent nearly as much time in France as I should have. I was there for a week in year 8, on a school trip to Normandy; one day in Lille when I was in year 12; a few days in Disneyland Paris when I was 18, and then a trip to Paris proper for a week in September last year. If I were to call myself an expert on France, then…
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The British Food I Miss The Most

A few weeks ago, while sitting in the teachers’ room at work and picking bones out of some chopped up chicken in a three-meat dinner box – pork and duck featured, too – I thought to myself how no decent Chinese takeaway shop in the UK would have me removing bits of half-masticated cartilage from between my teeth. I thought of a Chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice and a bag of prawn crackers, and sighed. The image that…
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All The Things I Ate In Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a funny city for me, food wise. Not funny as in ha-ha funny – because really, when does that ever apply to food, unless we’re talking about phallic cakes? No, I mean funny as in not quite what I expected. I thought Hong Kong would be a haven for cheap, delicious eats, much like Taipei…. It turns out I was completely wrong.   The food in Hong Kong failed to blow me away, although that’s
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Eating China In Taipei

Refer to your average twenty-something Taiwanese person as ‘Chinese’, and chances are that they’ll reprimand you in an oddly jolly manner and remind you that they’re not from the mainland, they were born and grew up in Taiwan. Young Taiwanese are passionate about their nation’s independence from China – something that was evident in the Sunflower Movement… earlier in 2014 – although there are some elements of Chinese culture that are wholeheartedly embraced in Taiwan. One such thing is the
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The Best Things I Ate In The First 23 Days Of May

Before any pedants reading this start convulsing, fingers hammering away and pointing out the glaringly obvious flaw in this post title, I feel I should say that yes, I do realise that there are still eight days of May left. But you see, I’ve eaten so much delicious food this month, that I can barely contain myself. I have to share this with you, right now. In fact, you know what? I’ve just changed the title of the post to…
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The Unexpected Delights of Ethiopian Cuisine

Africa remains the only continent that I’ve yet to go to. Well, unless you count Antarctica, which I don’t, due to its absence of culture, and the prevalence of penguins over people. I’ve decided that 2015 will be the year I finally make it to Africa, although I keep mulling over where I should head to first. Mozambique? West Africa? Tanzania? Zambia? I’m not sure. My mind keeps changing, but one place that keeps cropping up again is Ethiopia.  …
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Finger-Licking Lisbon

Sometimes, you get those destinations that you should have been to, but for some reason, you’ve just never gotten around to going there. I’ve written an entire post… revolving around those places before, but couldn’t quite fit everywhere onto the list. Given the ridiculous amount of cheap flights from the UK to mainland Europe, I could have added most European countries onto the list, Portugal included.   Why do I mention Portugal? Why, because its capital, Lisbon, is the focus
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My 5 Fantasy Foodporn Destinations

The most recent TTOT – that’s Travel Talk On Twitter, for those people who are Tweetedly challenged – was all about food. That’s right, food. I mean, that’s my kinda chat in real life, let alone online, where I can excitedly type about all the food while drooling on myself and not worry about people being able to physically see and consequently judge me. Because judge me they would.   Anyway, why am I bringing up TTOT? Well, one of…
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The Best Things I’ve Eaten Lately

Remember when I wrote a post called ‘The Best Things I Ate In January’…, and then promised it would be a series? Well, the series thing never materialised. I came to somewhat of a block with food here, as I started my full-time job, and didn’t have oodles of free time to explore the city, try to figure out what a restaurant serves, and then spend a leisurely time eating whatever dish got plopped in front of me. I’ve
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