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Food In Pittsburgh: Stripping Down The Strip

When you think of Pennsylvania, food in Pittsburgh isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. What do most people go with? The Omish? Philadelphia? Cream cheese? The Fresh Prince’s home state? Vampires? Wrong ‘sylvania if you said the latter. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second-largest city, is often overlooked and dismissed as nothing more than a former industrial powerhouse, a gritty city with little to offer.   While I remain as of yet unacquainted with Pittsburgh, I can’t make any comment on…
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Costeño Food Porn: Colombia’s Coastal Comestibles

On my trip to Colombia last year, I made no bones about the fact that the country’s cuisine didn’t exactly wow me. Sure, there were things I adored, like the shops serving fresh fruit shakes, but overall I found a lot of food to be very samey – especially when I visited Choco province, where it was basically fish or fish…. Luckily, delicious fish, but still.   That said, I did eat some rather good things during my
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The Secret To Pintxos In San Sebastian’s Old Town

Spain is a country I’ve yet to visit, which is pretty surprising to me…, seeing as it seems like every other British person has made their way over there at some point. Spain has a lot going for it in terms of appeal: cosmopolitan cities like Barcelona and Madrid, gorgeous architecture, found everywhere in the likes of Granada and Seville. Little-visited areas of the country like Aragon and Galicia. Oh, and the food.   Spanish food isn’t exactly something
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Say It With Me: Sha-war-ma

There’s always that one street food from a country that you can’t get enough of. Here in Taiwan, for me it’s gua bao, a kind of soft bun filled with pork and coriander. In Korea, it was sundae and ddeokbokki… - I loved to slather the sundae in the spicy sauce from the ddeokbokki. My experience of street food in Colombia was empanadas, and fried things slathered in guacamole. In the UK? Fresh, hot doughnuts, covered in sugar, or the
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Taiwanese Breakfast Food Heaven

I’d be surprised if, in every post I’ve written about Taiwan, there hasn’t been a photo of Taiwanese breakfast food of some sort: bacon pancakes, milk tea…more bacon pancakes. The food culture here in Taiwan has more western influences on it than its other Asian counterparts, thanks to Taiwan having been colonised by both the Portuguese and Dutch in the past. Taiwanese breakfast isn’t just rice and side dishes (I’m looking at you, Korea), but rather things like pancakes, hash…
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The Korean Food I Miss The Most

I’ve compared Taiwan and Korea before…, deciding that the latter, my home of three and a half years, wins out in the food stakes. I still stand by that judgement. The only Korean restaurant I’ve been to here in Taipei was a big ole’ let-down, and nothing at all like food served up back in Korea – if you’re in Gongguan and see an all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue joint, avoid it. It was not good. I’m craving good Korean food.
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My Five Favourite Turkish Treats

Turkey is a country I’ve spent a fair bit of time in. When I sit down and think about it, it’s actually the country I’ve spent the fourth most amount of days in during my twenty-seven-and-a-half years on this planet, falling in behind the UK, South Korea, and Taiwan, which are all places I’ve called, or are currently calling, home. Yet, I haven’t written as much about Turkey as I probably should have – and that includes the wonderful world…
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7 Lovely Libations From Around The World

Recently, my fabulous blogger friend DJ wrote a post about a drink called sekamehu, a kind of Finnish juice drink that he had in, well, Finland. It sounded delicious, and that got me thinking about the beverages I’ve imbibed around the world. Some were delicious (more on those in a little while), some not so much, like the coconut juice I swilled down to try and rid my mouth of durian… aftertaste, or what can only be described as
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Central Asian Food: Welcome To Omnomistan

Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by the countries referred to collectively as ‘the Stans’, or five former Soviet republics that make up the region that’s commonly referred to as Central Asia. To eight-year old me, the names of the countries and cities sounded so exotic, stops along the ancient Silk Road. I’ve yet to visit the region, and my experience with Central Asian food is limited to one Uzbek restaurant in Seoul… named Samarkand. As I devoured
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7 Scrumptious Ways To My Heart

Last week, I wrote a post about why you shouldn’t date me… because I travel. In retrospect, I could’ve come at that post from a variety of different angles. One could have been Date A Boy Who Takes Selfies In Starbucks. Or Date A Boy Who Buys Adorable Stationery. Or Date A Boy Who Won’t Judge You Because You Eat A Heck Of A Lot. Hell, when it comes to dating, I find the ability to consume a whole load
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