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All The Delicious Things I Ate In April-i

Work, take care of dogs. Work, meet friends, research dog problems. That’s pretty much been my life lately, but I’m not complaining. I have some great things coming up in the next couple of months, which you’d know if you’d signed up to my monthly newsletter (look to the right hand side, hint hint), and life here in Taipei is plodding along nicely, if a bit more damply than before, thanks to the increase in temperature. Also, I’ve been eating…
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Eating On The Cheap In Tokyo

Food plays an important role on all of my trips. If I don’t like the food, I won’t like the destination. If I love the food, well, then I’m more likely to leave a place with sweet, sweet memories. Paris is home to my favourite restaurant in the world, and I absolutely adore the city. Milan might have only rated as a mediocre city for me, had it not been for some of the scrumptious offerings… that satiated me. As
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British Christmas Food: All The Noms

British Christmas food is, hands down, my favourite holiday food in the whole wide world. Maybe I’m a bit biased, what with me being British and all, and Christmas being my favourite holiday. Or maybe all the scrumptious comestibles are the reason why British Christmas food nabs the first spot on my list of favourite seasonal sumptuousness. Succulent turkey, crackling roast potatoes, lashings of gravy, and all the desserts. I spent yesterday gorging myself on all of this, relishing in…
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Lehua Night Market: 樂華夜市

Lehua Night Market is my new local night market. Which should tell you something, if you pay any attention to my blog, because it didn’t use to be my local night market before (that was Jingmei…). How do you wind up with a new local night market? You move, of course! So yes, I moved apartments, and my new place is glorious and I no longer have to sleep in the same room as a refrigerator, but more on
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November Noms

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. Teaching Taiwanese students, working out, desperately trying to achieve my goal of reading twelve books this year, and cranking out blog posts, thanks to a sudden surge of inspiration that came over me last week. Seriously, I scribbled down seventeen different ideas for blog posts, and am working on getting all of these to you lovely people. Oh and I’ve been doing one other thing: eating delicious food.   Taipei is a…
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The Best Things I Ate In September

September was a magical month. I started it off in the UK, surprising my mum at her wedding, which was a whole surprise in itself (confused? read this). Then it was off to Singapore… with Ting for our first international trip, heck our first trip outside of Taipei, together. Then there was a fair bit of travel within Taipei itself in September, heading to new neighbourhoods and seeing what they had to offer. Oh and of course, there was
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All The Things I Ate In Singapore

The prospects of astronomical prices and lolloping around with nothing to do played on my mind before heading to Singapore, but both worries proved to be unfounded as I ended up absolutely loving the city…. One thing I wasn’t worried about before heading to Singapore though? The food. I posted on my personal and my blog pages on Facebook, and got some rather emphatic responses from friends and followers. There’s absolutely no way that I would have been able
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All The Food I Ate In Bangkok

During the four days I spent in Bangkok to celebrate my 28th birthday, I ate. A lot. In fact, I ate so much on my last day that I practically needed rolling from the desk in my hotel room to the bed, a mere three feet away. Suffice to say, the food in Bangkok was superb, and the Thai capital definitely lived up to its reputation as being a great destination for people who love to chow down on the…
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Tibetan Food: 9 Must-Nosh Noms

Tibetan food isn’t something that I’ve encountered a whole lot of before. Even here in Taipei, where there’s a whole host of food from different parts of China…, Tibetan isn’t a cuisine that I’ve had the pleasure on chowing down on. In fact, the only Tibetan food that I can recall eating are some momos that I had in Berlin last summer.   Since Tibet isn’t really on my travel radar for the immediate to near-distant future, I jumped
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Parisian Perfection

If you were to ask me which city in the world is home to my favourite food, I’d probably contemplate it for a while before finally answering, Paris. Such an obvious response perhaps, but the French capital has a stellar reputation when it comes to food for a reason, and it’s also home to my favourite restaurant… on the planet.   Of course, since I’ve only spent a total of little over a week in Paris, that means that there
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