Sexy Ukrainian Women… And Their Shoes

Remember last week’s post, when I started off by drooling over Asian men (no, I’m not a rice queen, I’m equal opportunities!) and then posted a few photos of hot Ukrainian men in swimsuits at the Black Sea beaches of Odessa? Well if you don’t remember, read it first, clean up your drool, and notice the ending, where I promise a post about sexy Ukrainian women for my straight male and lesbian readers, or whatever part of the sexual spectrum you belong to that involves you finding ladies attractive.


So it is with great joy and a heart-swelling sense of all-pervading equality and inclusiveness that I bring you this post, about sexy Ukrainian women – and their shoes! Because sexy Ukrainian women wear a whole lot of amazing shoes, and what straight male doesn’t like reading at and looking at photos of amazing shoes? I’m talking six inch, multicoloured heels that are worn at two o’clock in the afternoon down cobblestone streets, here.


Hold on a second,” you might be saying, “the straight women and gay guys get photos of men in swimsuits, and the straight guys and lesbians get fabulous women’s shoes? That’s not fair. I wanted photos of men in fabulous shoes!” Maybe I am spoiling my straight guy and lady-loving lady readers here, but hey, my Facebook page is full of photos of barely-clothed Korean men and Romanian chaps with cute tushes, so it only seems fair to go above and beyond for this sexy Ukrainian women post. Are you ready for your legs to quiver in sympathy like Bambi taking his first steps? Grab the nearest box of tissues and prepare yourselves, people. Oh, and each photo comes with a mini biography of the lady wearing the shoes. I’m not a peddler of smut, you know. Let’s keep things classy.


sexy Ukrainian women 1

Tatiana spends all her money on shoes, which leaves her with no disposable income for anything else. She stole her much younger sister’s clear glue to use as toenail varnish and likes to sniff the fumes when on the dancefloor of one of Odessa’s superclubs. Poppers be damned!


sexy Ukrainian women 2

Liliana may have rainbow-coloured shoes, but like so many in her country, is a staunch homophobe, despite her broad shoulders meaning that many mistake her for a drag queen.


sexy Ukrainian women 3

Ekaterina Z. and Ekaterina J. decided to dress down for their lunch, and opted for sensible shoes as opposed to the nine inch heels that they usually squeeze into to sip on Odessa’s best bortsch.


sexy Ukrainian women 4

Maria has wedges in every colour of the rainbow, and flings them at her partner Sergei whenever he refuses to buy her a new pair. There is no such thing as just ‘yellow’. Canary and mustard are two very different things.


sexy Ukrainian women 5

Oksana’s personal motto is, “everything is better if incorporated with perspex.” Shoes included.


sexy Ukrainian women 6

Irina compensates for her lack of heels by wearing toeless stocking boots instead. And why not?


sexy Ukrainian women 7

Anna takes a great deal of pride in matching her skirt and shoes with her pubic hair. It’s all about coordination, people.


sexy Ukrainian women 8

At five foot seven, Svetlana was the midget of her class and has compensated for that fact by wearing colossal wedges ever since, covering them up with dresses and long skirts. She even wears them in bed, lest her partner Andre think less of her.


sexy Ukrainian women 9

Natasha always wears her classiest footwear whenever she goes to pray.


sexy Ukrainian women 10

Anastasia likes to wear shoes that match the wallpaper in her luxury apartment. They also match her bed sheets, sofa, carpet, shower curtain. Monochrome is in this season, fashionistas!


Phew, that was a scorcher of a post! Now go douse yourself under a cold shower. Oh, and sorry for the slightly blurry quality of some of these photos – people wearing shoes are generally walking, and I didn’t want to be that creepy guy asking to photograph women’s shoes. So I decided to be the creepy guy who did it in secret instead.


So there you have it, folks! Now, I want to hear from you! What do you think of these sexy Ukrainian women – and their shoes? Which pair of heels or wedges would you choose to wear? Do you know any other countries where women wear such fabulous shoes on a casual basis? Let us know in the comments below, or shout out on Facebook or Twitter.

16 Responses to Sexy Ukrainian Women… And Their Shoes

  1. Alyssa says:

    1. You are HILARIOUS, Tom!

    2. These women’s shoes are fabulous.

    3. I would like to know where one finds the energy to dress up like that to go to a grocery store. Maybe I should put a Craigslist ad up…
    Alyssa just posted When It’s Not Really GoodbyeMy Profile

    • Thanks Alyssa! I thought Korean women could be bad when it comes to dressing up, until I went to Odessa. And the shows are fabulous. I wanted to snap my fingers and scream, “WERRRRRRRK!” to most of these women, but I somehow managed to resist.

  2. Stefania says:

    As a woman I must confess that some of those shoes are honestly ugly. The wedges are cute, though!
    Stefania just posted Chania and Heraklion: a mixed heritage.My Profile

  3. Chris says:

    I feel like I was lured here under false pretenses :-p

  4. this is crazy :) I love shoes, but I’m not a great fan of high heels. I admire women who can actually walk in them.
    Women in Ukraine are very beautiful. I know something about it – my grandparents come from there.
    Jo (The Blond) just posted A blond moment: there is something wrong with my visa. Getting overland from Laos to VietnamMy Profile

  5. Charlotte says:

    Straight female here…do a post on South American men? Haha sorry, just got back from Ecuador. To answer your question though, I’m a bit shocked that these women are just…walking down the street with those shoes on. I assume that they are not dressed up for any special event? I’m a female who likes to look nice, and I really can’t see myself ever rocking those heels, so kudos to these Ukrainian women.
    Charlotte just posted Santa Cruz, Galapagos – Lead Adventures Week 1My Profile

    • Oh Charlotte…Colombian men…SWOOOOOOON! But sadly I didn’t take enough photos to warrant a post. Although maybe one post that would contain far too much information.

      Most of these women seemed to be just going about their daily affairs. Nothing special. You’d see women dressed up just to buy sour cream or walk down the street.

  6. OMG, those pink high heels are so over the top. I love it that she is just wearing them casually for a stroll through town. Cambodian girls all wear high heels too now. I don’t know how anybody can walk in those monsters.
    TammyOnTheMove just posted Going native – A traditional Khmer photo shootMy Profile

  7. Sally says:

    This makes me think of Korea, too… except with fewer shades of the rainbow per square centimeter.

    And I really wish I could be one of those heel-wearing girls… but alas, my uncomfortable-foot-position longevity lasts only an hour or so. (Feel free to turn that into a perverted pun! I know you will!)
    Sally just posted Photoessay: Street Signs of BerlinMy Profile

  8. Veronica says:

    Pretty women and strange & awful shoes. I like only rainbow-shows and nothing more!

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