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One Night In Theatron

Walking down the street, chatting away to Andres, I felt much safer in Bogota than I had when I’d been there about a month earlier. Despite the sun having gone down in the Colombian capital city, and with a cocktail or two in me, I wasn’t on edge. There were a group of young men loitering about. I didn’t make eye contact, and just walked around them. They didn’t bat an eyelid, and no shouts trailed behind me, unlike when…
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Don’t Listen To The Stereotypes, La

Every nationality in the world has stereotypes attached to them. Americans? Loud, uneducated, obnoxious. The French? Rude, and will refuse to speak English. The Chinese? No concept of personal space, will shout if they’re mere inches from your face. The British? Cold and standoffish. Folks from Burkina Faso? I have no idea, but there are probably stereotypes that exist from the Burkinabe in neighbouring nations.   They say there’s no smoke without fire, and stereotypes sometimes contain an element of…
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Costeño Food Porn: Colombia’s Coastal Comestibles

On my trip to Colombia last year, I made no bones about the fact that the country’s cuisine didn’t exactly wow me. Sure, there were things I adored, like the shops serving fresh fruit shakes, but overall I found a lot of food to be very samey – especially when I visited Choco province, where it was basically fish or fish. Luckily, delicious fish, but still.   That said, I did eat some rather good things during my month…
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The Difficulties Of Dating As An Expat-Slash-Traveller

When you travel a lot, dating is never easy. I think most (single) folk who travel long-term would agree with me on this one. Meeting someone is never really that difficult. The traveller is cast in the role of the exotic foreigner, whirling through cities and towns, a care-free spirit with no ties, not wanting to be bound by any one person. In Colombia, I’d get stopped in the streets by people telling me how beautiful my blue eyes are.…
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7 Lovely Libations From Around The World

Recently, my fabulous blogger friend DJ wrote a post about a drink called sekamehu, a kind of Finnish juice drink that he had in, well, Finland. It sounded delicious, and that got me thinking about the beverages I’ve imbibed around the world. Some were delicious (more on those in a little while), some not so much, like the coconut juice I swilled down to try and rid my mouth of durian aftertaste, or what can only be described as…
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Arguments About Avocados In Cali

Pressing down on the skin of one of the largest avocados I’d ever seen, Guillermo was unsuccessfully trying to convince me that the specimen I’d selected from the mound was somehow inferior as, when pressed, the skin didn’t yield as much as the one he’d picked up. I told him I liked avocados that were a little bit firm, yet he was persistent. I dug my heels in, and said that if he didn’t want to eat the one I’d…
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My Thirteen Favourite Things Of 2013

With just two days of the year remaining, it’s only fitting that I do one of those 2013 wrap-up kind of posts. I thought for a while about what to write: favourite places I’ve travelled to? Too generic maybe, and I’ve covered a lot of my favourite places in previous posts like this one. I could round up my favourite travel blogs like Adventurous Kate did (I’m totally on the list, by the way), but I did that at the…
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That Time I Went To A Tropical Island And Didn’t Write About It Until Now

Winter has well and truly arrived here in the UK, and I have just over one month to go until I escape to sunnier climes when I move to Taiwan.  Warmer weather has been on my mind. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a wishlist for Turkey, a land that tends to be drenched in a lot more sunshine than the UK. During my sort-of round-the-world trip, Colombia was by far the sunniest destination that I visited,…
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The Places That Surprised Me In 2013

It’s mid-late October. Year-end wrap up posts are slowly starting to trickle through and will no doubt be clogging up your various news feeds until January arrives. “But wait!” I hear you cry, “the year isn’t even over yet?!?” True true, dear friend, but I have no further travel plans until January, well not to anywhere new at least, so I’m starting early and getting one of my wrap-up posts done in advance. Hey, what can I say, I plan…
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10 Cities I Could Totally Live In

I don’t like everywhere I travel to, and I’ve never pretended that I have done. A fair few cities have left me underwhelmed – Gaziantep, Washington DC, Vilnius, I’m looking at you – an ready to catch the next train/plane/tumbleweed out of there, or wishing that Muggle-borns could, too, apparate.   Yet as someone who doesn’t own a blog called, ‘Complainy Rants From Around The World’, or isn’t the star of that wretched TV show An
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