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Six Satisfactory Cities

Everyone’s always waxing lyrical about the cities they love, or dishing the dirt on places they deemed to be despicable dumps. Yet, people don’t often talk about the places they go to that don’t really provoke a strong reaction in them. I mean, it makes sense, really. Why go on and on about a place that elicits a shoulder shrug when you’re asked about it? There’s no reason to.   Anyhow, I got to thinking about the places I’ve been…
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Don’t Listen To The Stereotypes, La

Every nationality in the world has stereotypes attached to them. Americans? Loud, uneducated, obnoxious. The French? Rude, and will refuse to speak English. The Chinese? No concept of personal space, will shout if they’re mere inches from your face. The British? Cold and standoffish. Folks from Burkina Faso? I have no idea, but there are probably stereotypes that exist from the Burkinabe in neighbouring nations.   They say there’s no smoke without fire, and stereotypes sometimes contain an element of…
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My Thirteen Favourite Things Of 2013

With just two days of the year remaining, it’s only fitting that I do one of those 2013 wrap-up kind of posts. I thought for a while about what to write: favourite places I’ve travelled to? Too generic maybe, and I’ve covered a lot of my favourite places in previous posts like this one. I could round up my favourite travel blogs like Adventurous Kate did (I’m totally on the list, by the way), but I did that at the…
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10 Cities I Could Totally Live In

I don’t like everywhere I travel to, and I’ve never pretended that I have done. A fair few cities have left me underwhelmed – Gaziantep, Washington DC, Vilnius, I’m looking at you – an ready to catch the next train/plane/tumbleweed out of there, or wishing that Muggle-borns could, too, apparate.   Yet as someone who doesn’t own a blog called, ‘Complainy Rants From Around The World’, or isn’t the star of that wretched TV show An
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An Organised Flyer’s Nightmare, Or Dear Air Canada

I’m an organised person. Perhaps overbearingly organised. I know where my passport is at all times. Except for that one time it fell out of my bag on a South Korean bus. Luckily it was found and then returned to my workplace in Daegu. I often need to tell myself to take a deep breath and chill out. Staring at the second hand of a clock and impatient foot-tapping never hurried up the departure of a bus before. It can…
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Photos of Montreal: Beauté de la ville

Montreal is a city that I ended up falling head-over-heels in love with – despite only spending three days there, I must have taken a gazillion photos of Montreal. I love the vibe of the city. Heck, I even wrote a post about it that has the word ‘quazy’ in its title. Hey, you try coming up with a descriptive word beginning with ‘q’ that isn’t queer, queasy or quaint. Alliteration is always appropriate.   Montreal is probably the city…
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Living A Poutine Dream, Or More Cheese (and chips), Please!

One of the things I knew I wanted to do in Canada was eat poutine. A hell of a lot of poutine. Possibly line up and eat out of a trough filled with poutine. Instead, I settled for fancy places with cutlery and plates, as the lovely Melissa from The Mellyboo Project and Kate from Canuckiwi Kate took me to a couple of joints in Toronto to gorge myself on Canada’s national dish.   My exploration of poutine didn’t stop…
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Montreal, C’est Magnifique! Or I’m Quazy for Quebec

“How do you say, ‘how much?’ in French?” I asked, my seven years of studying the language at secondary school betraying me. Maybe I should have listened to the French speaking teachers, Sandra and Virginie, a little bit more.   “Combien. Or c’est combien. C’est combien is easier,” came the chirpy answer from the French-speaking lady behind the counter, as I puchased an almond cookie in order to appease the guilt I felt for nursing a lone macchiato for the…
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The Tentative TBEX Wrap-Up Post

I wasn’t sure whether or not to do the usual thing post-TBEX and write a wrap-up post. Because I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it. Then I read Pam from Nerds Eye View’s post about her feelings about the event. And I read Sally from Unbrave Girl’s post, too, where she swooned over maple covered cheese. I realised it was OK to write about it without gushing over how amazing the event was.   For those of you who don’t…
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Chips, Dressing and Gravy: A Newfoundland Specialty

Guess where I am right now? Well, if you’ve been paying any attention to my Facebook updates (hint hint) you’ve probably noticed that I’m in Canada, for the 2013 North America TBEX conference in Toronto. Travel bloggers away!   To celebrate TBEX, and because as I told you in my USA round-up post the month of June will be dedicated to Colombia, this week’s Foodporn Friday post brings us a mighty tasty specialty from Newfoundland, that oddball province in
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