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An Ode To Fro-Yo

Summer is possibly my least favourite season out there. In Asia, it tends to be hot, wet and sticky, and makes me question why I even bother to shower some days, as I’ll end up drenched in a pool of my own sweat mere minutes after leaving my apartment. In the UK, the existence of summer itself is often questionable, as some years seem to totally bypass it. Alas however, summer is a reality, and I have numerous tools to…
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Six Satisfactory Cities

Everyone’s always waxing lyrical about the cities they love, or dishing the dirt on places they deemed to be despicable dumps. Yet, people don’t often talk about the places they go to that don’t really provoke a strong reaction in them. I mean, it makes sense, really. Why go on and on about a place that elicits a shoulder shrug when you’re asked about it? There’s no reason to.   Anyhow, I got to thinking about the places I’ve been…
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Food In Pittsburgh: Stripping Down The Strip

When you think of Pennsylvania, food in Pittsburgh isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. What do most people go with? The Omish? Philadelphia? Cream cheese? The Fresh Prince’s home state? Vampires? Wrong ‘sylvania if you said the latter. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s second-largest city, is often overlooked and dismissed as nothing more than a former industrial powerhouse, a gritty city with little to offer.   While I remain as of yet unacquainted with Pittsburgh, I can’t make any comment on it,…
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My Top 10 Bodily Discharge Moments From Around The World!

Warning: this post contains way too much information about bodily discharges. I mean, I hope you figured that out from the title of the post, but it’s worth repeating just in case. If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best that you click away from this post now. Go and read about that time I stroked all the pussies in Seoul. Or now that spring is approaching, look at pretty pictures of crocuses… that I took in Harrogate. Maybe even perk yourself
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Getting Around The United States – Without A Car

It’s been almost one year since I set off to travel around the United States for one month, and a lot has changed in that time. I’m still an expat, but no longer in South Korea. I’m single. I’m a year older, and hopefully a little bit wiser. I’m now an uncle to a gorgeous little girl who is almost five months old. I now teach kindergarten, something I vowed I would never do, but I’m loving it. A lot…
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7 Lovely Libations From Around The World

Recently, my fabulous blogger friend DJ wrote a post about a drink called sekamehu, a kind of Finnish juice drink that he had in, well, Finland. It sounded delicious, and that got me thinking about the beverages I’ve imbibed around the world. Some were delicious (more on those in a little while), some not so much, like the coconut juice I swilled down to try and rid my mouth of durian… aftertaste, or what can only be described as
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Don’t Date Me Because I Travel. Seriously, You’ll Be Disappointed.

If you have any interest in travel blogs, then you’ve probably seen a whole load of those ‘Date/Don’t Date A Boy/Girl Who Travels’ things floating about online. Basically a whole load of self-indulgent articles where a picture is painted of the stereotypical perfect traveller. Someone who doesn’t own a watch and places no value on material things. The kind of person that rocks up to a remote village in Indonesia and, after spending two months there communicating in nothing but…
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My Thirteen Favourite Things Of 2013

With just two days of the year remaining, it’s only fitting that I do one of those 2013 wrap-up kind of posts. I thought for a while about what to write: favourite places I’ve travelled to? Too generic maybe, and I’ve covered a lot of my favourite places in previous posts like this one. I could round up my favourite travel blogs like Adventurous Kate did… (I’m totally on the list, by the way), but I did that at the
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5 Fabulous Food Trucks in Austin, Texas

Food trucks in Austin have long featured high on my foodporn wishlist, and it seems appropriate that this post rounds out 2013. That’s right, fifty-two Foodporn Friday posts in a year. Aren’t you quite the lucky readers? So, this post, about food trucks in Austin, is a continuation of last week’s post about New Mexican cuisine…. Kinda. It’s a continuation in the sense that both are posts about food in the USA that I’d love to stuff my face
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Love Locks Around The World

Love locks are never something that I look for when I travel, but something I always just seem to stumble across. That’s a wonderful thing. I love reading the names engraved on the various locks, and wondering what happened to the couple. Are they still together? Married with kids? Did they drift apart, are they having a long distance relationship, or did they break up after one of them failed a lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle…? The possibilities
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