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My Winter To-Do List

After months of constantly perspiring and gulping in lungfuls of damp air in the oppressive moisture and heat of Taipei’s summer…, winter has finally arrived in Taipei! At least, that’s what the calendar says. I’ve had to wear layers on approximately three days so far. Conversely, I’ve still found myself sweating at the end of November. NOVEMBER, people. Yet the calendar still says its winter, and Taiwanese people are donning pea coats and puffer jackets, so winter it is,
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One Morning In London

My super stealthy supreme sleuth mission to surprise my mum… at her secret nuptials last month left me with a night and morning to spend in London. Since my flight arrived just after 7pm at Heathrow, it would’ve been too much of a rush to get back to my hometown, and then spend the night hiding out somewhere. As it turned out, I was off the plane and out of Heathrow Airport within about twenty minutes, so I could’ve actually
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Surprise, Surprise! A Whirlwind Wedding Trip

A few months ago, my mum invited me to an event on Facebook, ‘Richard’s 60th Birthday Party’, which was to be a surprise event. Richard is my mum’s partner, and when I was in the UK last year, Richard was kind enough to open his amazing home to me and let me stay there post-breakup, pre-Taiwan, while I did some freelance writing, occasionally flitted off to places like Belgrade and Milan, and devoured the contents of his MTV Cribs-style refrigerator’s…
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27 Photos From 27

Hey, guess what everyone? This will be my last post as a 27 year old. I can no longer officially classify myself as mid-twenties once I turn 28, so I feel that this post is somehow important. Although turning 28 feels, quite frankly, absolutely no different from when I turned 27. Which didn’t really feel all that much different from 26. I’ve never really been a big celebrator of my birthdays either, although they are the perfect excuse to crank…
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The British Food I Miss The Most

A few weeks ago, while sitting in the teachers’ room at work and picking bones out of some chopped up chicken in a three-meat dinner box – pork and duck featured, too – I thought to myself how no decent Chinese takeaway shop in the UK would have me removing bits of half-masticated cartilage from between my teeth. I thought of a Chinese chicken curry with egg fried rice and a bag of prawn crackers, and sighed. The image that…
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Six Satisfactory Cities

Everyone’s always waxing lyrical about the cities they love, or dishing the dirt on places they deemed to be despicable dumps. Yet, people don’t often talk about the places they go to that don’t really provoke a strong reaction in them. I mean, it makes sense, really. Why go on and on about a place that elicits a shoulder shrug when you’re asked about it? There’s no reason to.   Anyhow, I got to thinking about the places I’ve been…
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A Sort Of Obligatory Post About The Rest Of 2014

Now that we’re halfway-ish through 2014, I thought I’d better write one of those classic travel blogger, “this is where I’m going for the rest of the year!” type posts. Because that seems like something travel bloggers do. And also because I have nothing else to write about at the moment, as my time has been taken up with teaching hyperactive seven-year old Taiwanese children and trying not to melt into a sweaty puddle on the floor. Also there was…
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My Top 10 Bodily Discharge Moments From Around The World!

Warning: this post contains way too much information about bodily discharges. I mean, I hope you figured that out from the title of the post, but it’s worth repeating just in case. If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best that you click away from this post now. Go and read about that time I stroked all the pussies in Seoul. Or now that spring is approaching, look at pretty pictures of crocuses… that I took in Harrogate. Maybe even perk yourself
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Media, Milkshakes & Matalan: Welcome To West Yorkshire

One of the things on my list of stuff to do before I headed to Taiwan was visit somewhere I’d never been in the UK before. I accomplished that with my weekend trip to Hereford…, but I went above and beyond, going to a couple of other places that I’d never before graced with my presence – the West Yorkshire towns of Dewsbury and Huddersfield. I also went to Bradford too, but the last time I went there was
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The Best Things I Ate In January

I’ve been trying so much different stuff since I moved to Taipei that it’s pretty impossible for me to write a coherent post about what I’ve been stuffing down my craw. I’ve eaten a lot, but don’t know the names of most things (I call about fifty percent of what I eat simply ‘dumplings’), and I figured that writing a post entitled, ‘delicious onion-y pancakes’ or ‘scrumptious noodles with meat’ wouldn’t be very useful. Knowing the names of specific food…
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