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Don’t Listen To The Stereotypes, La

Every nationality in the world has stereotypes attached to them. Americans? Loud, uneducated, obnoxious. The French? Rude, and will refuse to speak English. The Chinese? No concept of personal space, will shout if they’re mere inches from your face. The British? Cold and standoffish. Folks from Burkina Faso? I have no idea, but there are probably stereotypes that exist from the Burkinabe in neighbouring nations.   They say there’s no smoke without fire, and stereotypes sometimes contain an element of…
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My Top 10 Bodily Discharge Moments From Around The World!

Warning: this post contains way too much information about bodily discharges. I mean, I hope you figured that out from the title of the post, but it’s worth repeating just in case. If you’re squeamish, it’s probably best that you click away from this post now. Go and read about that time I stroked all the pussies in Seoul. Or now that spring is approaching, look at pretty pictures of crocuses that I took in Harrogate. Maybe even perk yourself…
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7 Lovely Libations From Around The World

Recently, my fabulous blogger friend DJ wrote a post about a drink called sekamehu, a kind of Finnish juice drink that he had in, well, Finland. It sounded delicious, and that got me thinking about the beverages I’ve imbibed around the world. Some were delicious (more on those in a little while), some not so much, like the coconut juice I swilled down to try and rid my mouth of durian aftertaste, or what can only be described as…
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Love Locks Around The World

Love locks are never something that I look for when I travel, but something I always just seem to stumble across. That’s a wonderful thing. I love reading the names engraved on the various locks, and wondering what happened to the couple. Are they still together? Married with kids? Did they drift apart, are they having a long distance relationship, or did they break up after one of them failed a lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle? The possibilities…
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My Top 3 Travel Memories

If you read a lot of travel blogs, you’re probably well aware that there’s currently a Blogger Relay going around, with the idea coming courtesy of the folks at I was tagged by the fabulous Lola, so I guess it’s time for me to get running!I’m a part of #TeamBLUE, headed by Christina Hegele and I’m in good company with fantastic bloggers such as Leah Travels, The Planet D and Monkeys and Mountains, to
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My Seven Super-Duper Shots

Well folks, it’s taken me a while to jump on this latest blog craze but now I am taking part in Hostelbookers seven super shots – thankfully those lovely No Vacation Required gentlefolk tagged me, otherwise I’d never have written this post. Also, I think nobody tagged me because I regularly talk about the crappy quality of my iPhone photos. You know, I’m not the idea person to be writing this post. Yet, despite all that, I still have a…
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5 Ideas: Things to do in Gdansk

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I’ve been travelling around Poland quite a bit. Or, at least I’d hope you’d gathered that seeing how I keep referencing Polish cities.   Of the three cities I visited in Poland, Gdansk definitely offers the best value for money, and there’s more than a few things to do in Gdansk to keep you occupied. It’s easy enough to get to from elsewhere in Europe thanks to Ryanair and Wizzair, and has a
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Street Art in Poznan

Beautiful old towns are synonymous with Polish cities. I rambled on about this last time. I knew what I was getting myself into – fairytale churches and palaces, colourful buildings and cobblestone streets.   What I wasn’t expecting when I visited the city of Poznan is the street art that is dotted around the city centre and on the streets that are connected to the main square. After snapping a couple of photos, I decided to explore and spent the best…
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Poland’s Other Old Towns

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I have a question for you. When you think of Poland, what cities immediately spring to your mind? Krakow? Warsaw? Me too. You probably think of their old towns as well. However, there shall be no talk of those two cities – you’ll have to read on to find out which ones I visited. If you’re reading or talking about old towns in Poland, you’re probably referring to a, well, old area in the middle of…
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