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The Vilnius Question

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today’s post comes to you from a country I’ve yet to write about in full – only last time’s rant post – despite spending three days there earlier this month – Lithuania! Why nothing on Lithuania yet? Honestly, because I’m not sure what I can write about this country. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, or if I even have a real opinion on it – minus what I think of their vicious…
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Low Pay, Bad Service?

Something came up on my recent trip to central Europe…. Something that I wasn’t entirely expecting, but that kind of niggled and annoyed me all the same. I experienced it every day, and was left bemused and occasionally slightly offended by it. No, it wasn’t the freakishly cold weather, or the fact that I kept nearly falling on my bum due to the icy roads. It wasn’t the fact that all the food was assaulting my stomach with its
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