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Don’t Listen To The Stereotypes, La

Every nationality in the world has stereotypes attached to them. Americans? Loud, uneducated, obnoxious. The French? Rude, and will refuse to speak English. The Chinese? No concept of personal space, will shout if they’re mere inches from your face. The British? Cold and standoffish. Folks from Burkina Faso? I have no idea, but there are probably stereotypes that exist from the Burkinabe in neighbouring nations.   They say there’s no smoke without fire, and stereotypes sometimes contain an element of…
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The Vilnius Question

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today’s post comes to you from a country I’ve yet to write about in full – only last time’s rant post – despite spending three days there earlier this month – Lithuania! Why nothing on Lithuania yet? Honestly, because I’m not sure what I can write about this country. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it, or if I even have a real opinion on it – minus what I think of their vicious…
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Low Pay, Bad Service?

Something came up on my recent trip to central Europe. Something that I wasn’t entirely expecting, but that kind of niggled and annoyed me all the same. I experienced it every day, and was left bemused and occasionally slightly offended by it. No, it wasn’t the freakishly cold weather, or the fact that I kept nearly falling on my bum due to the icy roads. It wasn’t the fact that all the food was assaulting my stomach with its…
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