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10 Cities I Could Totally Live In

I don’t like everywhere I travel to, and I’ve never pretended that I have done. A fair few cities have left me underwhelmed – Gaziantep, Washington DC, Vilnius, I’m looking at you – an ready to catch the next train/plane/tumbleweed out of there, or wishing that Muggle-borns could, too, apparate.   Yet as someone who doesn’t own a blog called, ‘Complainy Rants From Around The World’, or isn’t the star of that wretched TV show An
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Love Locks Around The World

Love locks are never something that I look for when I travel, but something I always just seem to stumble across. That’s a wonderful thing. I love reading the names engraved on the various locks, and wondering what happened to the couple. Are they still together? Married with kids? Did they drift apart, are they having a long distance relationship, or did they break up after one of them failed a lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle? The possibilities…
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Can You Know A Country If You Only Visit Its Capital?

Whenever anybody tells me that they’ve been to the UK, my home country, I always prick up my ears and ask them where they’ve been. Nine times out of ten, the reply is simply, “London,” to which I respond, “London isn’t really the UK. It’s like a whole different country.” I know other Brits who say similar things in the same situation. For me, the ‘real’ UK lies outside of the capital city, in the likes of buzzing northern…
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Bearpit Karaoke: Berlin Summer Madness

As soon as Jeruen uttered the words, “Bearpit Karaoke,” I was intrigued. An ursine singing competition? A bar where burly gay men take to the mic? A song for a new Sims game sung by the classic character Claire the Bear? None of the above turned out to be true, which is probably a good thing, given that the first possible scenario has serious implications when it comes to animal rights violations. Bearpit Karaoke is a (human) singing showcase…
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The Best Food in Berlin: Es Hat Gut Geschmeckt!

Finding the best food in Berlin was always high up on the list for me when it came down to what I wanted to achieve in the German capital. Well, finding the best food in any city is always pretty high on my list. And when I say best food, I’m talking about food on a budget – I’m afraid I simply can’t afford to eat in any Michelin-starred places. Well, except maybe that one place in Hong Kong that…
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