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50 Notes On Flying Premium Economy

On my recent birthday trip to Bangkok, I decided to treat myself on the journey there and back, and flew in EVA Air’s premium economy class. Sure, it wasn’t business class, but I mean, the word PREMIUM is in there. Plus, I’d never flown in any class above economy before. I’d never accumulated enough miles for an upgrade, either – I was on my way with Emirates, until their delays and attendants with piss-poor attitudes caused me to take my…
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Sunday Night Word Vomit

My contract as a teacher here in Taipei is almost half over. I truly love this city, its people, its organised mayhem, its relative open-mindedness and its food. The cafes, green spaces, gay bars and public transport. Yet, half a year comes with questions from people that didn’t exist after just a few months here. The dreaded question that I don’t quite have the answer to yet: What’s next?   Things have been all change here recently. Right after publishing…
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Delving Into Din Tai Fung

Thanks to the good ole’ interwebs, before I’d even landed in Taipei this January, I had people constantly recommend one place to me as a must-eat venue: Din Tai Fung. A dumpling den extraordinaire, Din Tai Fung is known for its xialongbao… (小龍包), a kind of soup dumpling, but I’d been resistant to go. I’d heard from friends in Taipei that it was too expensive and overrated – 90NT per dumpling? No thanks. However, after being caught in a sudden
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Taipei Stop By Stop: #2 Little Burma in Nanshijiao

Little Burma, located near Nanshijiao (南勢角) MRT station, at the beginning/end of the orange/yellowy line (the one that splits off to Huilong and Luzhou, if you look at a map), is a place that I’d been wanting to check out for a while. I heard about it from a guy I went for a drink with while he was pulling his pants back on in the morning, telling me that he was going to check out the Burmese market. …
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I’ve been living in Taipei for over half a year now. Just over seven months to be precise. I have no idea where that time has gone – it’s flying by, and frankly I find it terrifying that in just four and a half months, Christmas will have been and gone and it’ll be time to ring in 2015. Yes, I’m being that guy today. Which reminds me, I should really start buying Christmas presents soon, likely exotic looking ones…
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27 Photos From 27

Hey, guess what everyone? This will be my last post as a 27 year old. I can no longer officially classify myself as mid-twenties once I turn 28, so I feel that this post is somehow important. Although turning 28 feels, quite frankly, absolutely no different from when I turned 27. Which didn’t really feel all that much different from 26. I’ve never really been a big celebrator of my birthdays either, although they are the perfect excuse to crank…
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Modern Toilet: Taipei’s Craptacular Cafe

Modern Toilet is one of those places that, as soon as I heard about it from friends in South Korea, I knew I had to go to. A restaurant where everything from the decor and plates to the food itself is toilet themed? That’s right up my alley, and the kind of thing that I go bananas for when I travel.   Taipei is choc full of theme cafes…, and Modern Toilet, located in the Ximen neighbourhood, is probably
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Instagramming Taipei: Summer Edition

Some cities just naturally lend themselves well to being photographed. Montreal is one. Paris is another. Ditto all the cities in Romania that I visited. Taipei, my current home, is another. Since I finally got a phone with a decent camera here, bought off my good friend Trey, I’ve been uploading photos to my Instagram (hint hint…) like crazy, even if I’ve been dripping sweat while doing so.   Taipei has lots of green areas amidst
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The Totally Essential Guide To Surviving Typhoons And Earthquakes

I’ve never lived in a country which experiences natural disasters before. I mean, the UK isn’t exactly known for its epic, earth-shatteringly destructive events. There have been tornadoes in the UK…, and occasional flooding. However, my hometown has no river, so I’ve never really been privy to that. As for Korea, my school closed one day due to a typhoon that did little more than blow a few street signs over. There were bad floods in Seoul, but I
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Feeling Blue In Taipei

Before I start off on this one, let me state that I don’t feel blue. Well, not in the way that means feeling sad. I just wanted to write a title that would hopefully make people click on it, and if you’re reading this, then it’s worked. Self-five! I’m still rather happy here in Taipei, and things have been going just swell recently. This post is blue-related, though. You see, if I were to associate a colour with Taipei, it’d…
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