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Snapshots From Tainan

I’ve been living in Taiwan for close to a year now, yet I can still count the amount of places I’ve been to outside of Taipei on one hand: Jiufen, Leefoo Village, Houtong (for its cat village…), and Tainan. Now, I’ve told you about the three former places before, yet I still haven’t told you about Tainan. There’s no real reason for that, well, not about the destination itself. I loved Tainan, with its artistic vibe and cheap
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I Have Stuff

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, in which I lamented my lack of stuff, and also span you a rather long-winded yarn about a painful incident involving an ingrown toenail. To be frank, I’ve been suffering from a lack of inspiration, rather than a lack of things to write about. I went to Tainan with Ting and Karisa… during a holiday around the beginning of October, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been to some
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I Want Stuff

The past two weeks have been a complete and utter mess. After a brutal summer where I somehow managed to avoid spontaneous combustion… and melting into a dank puddle made up of my own sweat, the seasons began to change. I was able to walk outside for five minutes and not have perspiration dripping down my face and thinking, “why did I even bother to shower?” The air became cool, strolls became pleasant and not an exercise of finding the
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Taipei Stop By Stop #3: Li Family Mansion @ Sanmin Senior High School

The Li Family Mansion (蘆洲李宅古蹟) , sometimes referred to as the Li Family Abode (and sometimes spelled Lee), isn’t somewhere I’d ever really planned on visiting in Taipei. However, strolling through Taipei Main Station, I noticed a sign extolling the virtues of the Luzhou branch of the Xinlu MRT line (it splits off in two after Daqiaotou station). Naturally I became curious, and in the spirit of my first two… Taipei stop-by-stop posts, decided to head to Sanmin Senior
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I Think I’m Obsessed With LINE

Every country has a free messaging app that’s more popular than all the others. The UK has Whatsapp. South Korea is crazy for Kakao Talk…. China has WeChat. Some countries prefer Viber. Here in Taiwan, LINE is the free messaging app of choice, and you know what? I’m completely and utterly obsessed with it.   When it comes down to the fundamentals, LINE isn’t necessarily better than the other apps I’ve mentioned. OK so it’s better than Viber, but
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The Temple Trail In Singapore’s Chinatown

I love temples. Seriously, I’ve written entire posts about temples before, like this one and this one. I can’t get enough of them when I travel, and always find myself gawping over the gilded gold swirls, intricate carvings, and the patterns and paintings that must have taken hours to complete. Coming from quite a homogeneous town… in North Yorkshire – the most exotic religious structures we have are a Pentecostal church and a Mormon reading room – I’ve always
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The Best Things I Ate In September

September was a magical month. I started it off in the UK, surprising my mum at her wedding, which was a whole surprise in itself (confused? read this). Then it was off to Singapore… with Ting for our first international trip, heck our first trip outside of Taipei, together. Then there was a fair bit of travel within Taipei itself in September, heading to new neighbourhoods and seeing what they had to offer. Oh and of course, there was
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Going Cray For Gardens By The Bay

Singapore is a country that I ended up absolutely adoring, from its food and attractions to surprisingly low prices…. Ting and me had a bit of a rocky start – the hostel proved slightly tricky to find for a while, there was an incompetent immigration officer called Fadillah who was moving at half the pace of the officers in charge of the other lines, and finding food around the hostel that wasn’t noodles proved to be a bit of
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All The Things I Ate In Singapore

The prospects of astronomical prices and lolloping around with nothing to do played on my mind before heading to Singapore, but both worries proved to be unfounded as I ended up absolutely loving the city…. One thing I wasn’t worried about before heading to Singapore though? The food. I posted on my personal and my blog pages on Facebook, and got some rather emphatic responses from friends and followers. There’s absolutely no way that I would have been able
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Things That Surprised Me About Singapore

Singapore is a place that I’ve heard about ever since I was a little kid. My mum used to live in both Singapore and Malaysia when she was a teenager, as my Grandad Joe was in the Royal Air Force. I heard tales of her life at school, of girls with marvellous monikers, of geckos dropping into cereal, my Uncle John’s girlfriend Ng Swat Lan, and frolicking in the monsoon rains that provided a brief respite from the constant humidity.…
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