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I Broke Less Than 80% Of My Resolutions. Huzzah!

Waaaaay back at the beginning of the year, on New Year’s Day to be precise, I wrote a post outlining fourteen resolutions… that I planned on keeping in 2014.  Some of these I kept. Some I completely forgot about less than a week after I published the post. Yet I feel it my duty to update you on how things went in 2014 on that front, so you can all trust me and bask in my honesty and integrity as
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Lehua Night Market: 樂華夜市

Lehua Night Market is my new local night market. Which should tell you something, if you pay any attention to my blog, because it didn’t use to be my local night market before (that was Jingmei…). How do you wind up with a new local night market? You move, of course! So yes, I moved apartments, and my new place is glorious and I no longer have to sleep in the same room as a refrigerator, but more on
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Exploring Yingge: Pots But No Parrots

Thanks to my merciless working schedule, I haven’t been able to explore as much of Taiwan as I’d have liked to. When I say merciless, what I mean is I don’t have two consecutive days off, so at the moment, my trips outside of the city are severely limited, unless there’s a public holiday involved, or I use my precious vacation days, all of which have been allotted until my contract renews in February next year. With restricted options, I…
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My Fave Chinese Characters That Look Like The Things They Represent

I know I usually do Foodporn Friday posts on this day, Friday. I tell you all about things like the best stuff I’ve eaten recently, and classy French food, and fried chicken. Occasionally other people will write the Foodporn Friday posts, and write about things like classy French food, and stuff that isn’t fried chicken…. But way before the existence of Foodporn Friday, the last and most glorious weekday used to be reserved for the Friday
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Taipei Stop By Stop #4: Jiannan Road

So, remember that totally awesome series that I started, in which I explore Taipei by getting off at random MRT stops? No? Well pause for a moment, and go to refresh your memory here, here, and here…. There’s Burmese markets, an old family mansion, and a temple with all the gold lurking within those there posts.   Done? Are you back here now? Please say you came back and didn’t get distracted by things like videos of
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Cats Of Tainan: Fe-line The Fantasy

When I think back to my trip to Tainan, a few things spring to mind: beautiful temples; hidden alleyways full of funky gifts and handcrafted trinkets; street art; a karaoke machine with impossibly high standard; sipping giant cocktails and swinging on park benches in a neon-lit bar while playing the dorkiest game of Kings ever; and cats. That’s right, cats.   I’m not talking about anything like Houtong‘s cat village, though. Nor the cat cafe… in Seoul. And
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November Noms

I’ve had a lot on my plate recently. Teaching Taiwanese students, working out, desperately trying to achieve my goal of reading twelve books this year, and cranking out blog posts, thanks to a sudden surge of inspiration that came over me last week. Seriously, I scribbled down seventeen different ideas for blog posts, and am working on getting all of these to you lovely people. Oh and I’ve been doing one other thing: eating delicious food.   Taipei is a…
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My Winter To-Do List

After months of constantly perspiring and gulping in lungfuls of damp air in the oppressive moisture and heat of Taipei’s summer…, winter has finally arrived in Taipei! At least, that’s what the calendar says. I’ve had to wear layers on approximately three days so far. Conversely, I’ve still found myself sweating at the end of November. NOVEMBER, people. Yet the calendar still says its winter, and Taiwanese people are donning pea coats and puffer jackets, so winter it is,
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Snapshots From Tainan

I’ve been living in Taiwan for close to a year now, yet I can still count the amount of places I’ve been to outside of Taipei on one hand: Jiufen, Leefoo Village, Houtong (for its cat village…), and Tainan. Now, I’ve told you about the three former places before, yet I still haven’t told you about Tainan. There’s no real reason for that, well, not about the destination itself. I loved Tainan, with its artistic vibe and cheap
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I Have Stuff

It’s been a little while since my last blog post, in which I lamented my lack of stuff, and also span you a rather long-winded yarn about a painful incident involving an ingrown toenail. To be frank, I’ve been suffering from a lack of inspiration, rather than a lack of things to write about. I went to Tainan with Ting and Karisa… during a holiday around the beginning of October, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve been to some
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