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The Totally Essential Guide To Surviving Typhoons And Earthquakes

I’ve never lived in a country which experiences natural disasters before. I mean, the UK isn’t exactly known for its epic, earth-shatteringly destructive events. There have been tornadoes in the UK…, and occasional flooding. However, my hometown has no river, so I’ve never really been privy to that. As for Korea, my school closed one day due to a typhoon that did little more than blow a few street signs over. There were bad floods in Seoul, but I
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Feeling Blue In Taipei

Before I start off on this one, let me state that I don’t feel blue. Well, not in the way that means feeling sad. I just wanted to write a title that would hopefully make people click on it, and if you’re reading this, then it’s worked. Self-five! I’m still rather happy here in Taipei, and things have been going just swell recently. This post is blue-related, though. You see, if I were to associate a colour with Taipei, it’d…
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The Best Things I Ate In July

Confession: I’ve been eating out a lot less than I usually do lately. Although this isn’t really a confession as such, because I totally talked about it in my healthy eating post …from last week. So if you were nodding in agreement while reading that first sentence, congratulations. You’ve just outed yourself as someone who doesn’t read my blog as often as you should. For shame.   Rather than go on shaming you for the duration of this blog which
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Houtong Cat Village: Taiwan’s Feline Fantasy

Houtong Cat Village has been on my radar of must-do day trips from Taipei ever since I first heard about it, which was shortly after I arrived in Taipei back in January. A whole village dedicated to our feline friends? My thought process went along the lines of, “screw hiking, dramatic scenery, or indigenous culture, give me the cats, and give them to me NOW.”   So, after hopping on a train at Taipei Main station – the trip took…
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Dating In Taipei, Or Looking Around The Corner

A few months ago, I bemoaned dating in Taipei and my lack of options for finding a decent long-term relationship prospect here in Taiwan. I blamed it on my status as an expat-slash-traveller…, the kind of person who is often seen as undesirable for dating due to their propensity to up and move sticks more frequently than your average person. Now I’m starting to rethink my stance. Maybe the problem isn’t that I travel a lot. Heck, that seems
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Fantasy Ice World Taipei @ Nangang Exhibition Center

Fantasy Ice World Taipei, at the Nangang Exhibition Center, couldn’t have come around at a better time for me. After sweltering in the heat and somehow surviving it… since around the end of May, one of my colleagues told me about something that sounded so magical, I almost burst into tears of inconsolable joy: a giant room where everything is made of ice, and the temperature is kept at a frosty minus eighteen degrees Celsius. The thought of it made
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Summer In Taipei, Or How To Avoid Spontaneous Combustion

Summer in Taipei is brutal. Summer in Taipei is puzzling. Summer in Taipei often makes me wonder if I’m going to spontaneously combust into a juxtaposed burning, sticky, dripping mess, leaving nothing but the umbrella I bought from OK Mart and a pair of surprisingly durable shoes that I bought for six pounds on eBay. It’s only July, so perhaps this survival guide is a bit premature, as I might be a gonner by the end of the season, blown…
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Leofoo Village: Rides, Culture (Kinda) & A Judgmental Toucan

Leofoo Village, an amusement park around an hour and a half outside of Taipei, called to me the moment I first heard about it. A fantasy land of themed areas, fun rides, and monkeys? It sounded too delightfully tacky to be true, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s my cheesy attractions…. So, while a thunderstorm lashed down in Taipei, I was enjoying myself – and staying bone dry – at Leofoo Village, not too far outside the
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All The Things I Did In Hong Kong

Hong Kong. I’ve been struggling with what to write about Hong Kong. I mean, I wrote a food post about it where I talked about liquid nitrogen ice cream and eating Haribo after seeing the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. I even briefly considered putting it on my list of satisfactory cities…, but decided against it as it provoked both love and hate reactions in me, rather than a mere, “meh, it’s pretty nice” shoulder shrug reaction.   I
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On Pulling Myself Out Of A Rut

I haven’t been practicing what I preach lately when it comes to blogging. Whenever new bloggers ask me about blogging, I tell them to have a schedule and post consistently. Mine is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. But I haven’t been doing that. I don’t know if you noticed, but I published a grand total of three posts in June, not including this one. Please tell me you noticed.   So, why the lapse? Well, to be quite frank, I’ve…
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