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5 Ideas For Things To Do In Canada

Canada is the world’s second biggest country and by virtue of its size, it is home to many fantastic natural and man made wonders and attractions that mean there is something for everyone to be found in the country. Whether it is undisturbed natural habitats you are looking for, pristine sandy beaches, hiking or biking trails, or architectural gems in historic cities, Canada has it all.   Below are 5 ideas for things to do that will ensure your trip to
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Five Things To Do In Daegu

There are plenty of things to do in Daegu, my favourite city in South Korea. How would I know, you might ask? Well, I lived in the city for two and a half years. That’s right, before I called Daejeon home during my last year in Korea, the lovely city of Daegu, Korea’s fourth-largest city, was my place of abode. Yet for some reason, in all my time writing this blog, I’ve never, ever written about things to do in…
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Five Things To Do In Kadikoy

My favourite neighbourhood in Istanbul lies on the Asian side of the river and on my first day in the city, right after checking into my hostel, I rushed out to meet Kate and Mario to head down to Eminonu ferry port and cross the Bosphorus to meet up with Katrinka. During my first trip to Istanbul I’d stayed in Uskudar, and had been to Kadikoy with my CouchSurfing host for just an hour or two. My brief time…
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Five Things To Do In Brno

After spending an eventful day in the Czech Republic’s second city, I was surprised at the amount of things to do in Brno, the capital of the country’s Moravia region. I’d never intended to come to Brno in the first place, but it made more sense to head there after sampling a whole lot of Czech wine the night before, and then continue on to Bratislava, rather than backtrack all the way back to Prague.   Brno surprised me. It…
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What To Do In Yeosu: Five Ideas

“What to do in Yeosu?” was the question I asked to myself as Dana and I planned to stay there during our Lunar New Year trip. Nearby Suncheon offered up the sublime Suncheon Bay, and Geumodo‘s beauty managed to ensare me and bring out the hidden casual hiker in me. Yet before embarking on the trip, I hadn’t actually checked out what to do in Yeosu itself.   Luckily I found plenty in the little port city, which…
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5 Ideas For the 4000 Islands, Laos

I have a confession, ladies and gentlemen. You know how I was pretty much certain that I would be making it to south east Asia next year as part of my world trip? Well, that’s not happening anymore.   It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and I was going to-and-fro for a long time, wondering whether or not to visit the likes of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. In the end, some great air fares in…
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5 Ideas For Gay London

I have a confession. I don’t really know London very well. My trips there have always either been family related or visa related, and I’ve never experienced gay London. Well, I went to the famous GAY bar once at about 6pm with a friend whilst waiting for an Emiliana Torrini concert to begin.   We ended up scouting through the bins in Soho as he’d accidentally thrown out the tickets along with a load of junk mail that, for some…
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5 Ideas For Scotland

Sometimes, I have people tell me that they’re surprised I’m British. It could be my hodge-podge, ridiculously malleable accent that tricks them, but then I wonder, did you read this or this?   I’m blatantly British.   I mean, I use words like ‘blatantly’ and spell words like ‘favourite’ with the ‘u’ in them.   Which is how they should be spelled.   Here in Korea, I can’t really write much about my beloved homeland, which is why when the lovely Josh of…
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5 Ideas for Cape Town

I have a confession to make. When it comes to part of my round the world trip next year, I’m completely and utterly confused. I know I’ll start in the USA, then Colombia and after that, head to Toronto for TBEX, a travel blogging conference where I hope to meet some of the people who continue to inspire me with their work and adventures. After Canada – well, I’m probably heading to Africa, but I’m completely confused now as to…
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5 Ideas for the Southeastern USA

Those of you that follow this blog will probably be aware that the first place that I plan on going during my 2013 round-the-world trip is the USA. I even wrote a post about it, which received plenty of suggestions and ideas from all kinds of lovely people – and which made it even harder to decide on where to go with the month or so that I’m planning on giving myself in the country. Adding some more suggestions
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