About Tom

OK, first thing’s first:




외국: waegook – the Korean word for “foreign”.


So, basically, Waegook Tom is “foreign Tom”.

Foreign currency confuses foreign Tom.

Now on to the good stuff. I’m a 29 year old (my birthday is on August 13th, mark it on your calendar) English man from a teeny-tiny little village called Leathley in North Yorkshire. I grew up on a farm, but always craved adventure. I’d sit on the stairs with my Nana Strawb and pretend that I was riding a magic carpet that would take us to some far-flung destination. Instead of playing outside with a football, I’d have my nose buried in an atlas. I was a little boy who could tell you the locations of Aachen and Zagreb, but not what the off-side rule was.


Food excites me.

Food excites me.


I lived and worked in South Korea as an English teacher for almost four years, starting in June 2009, and will finally embarked on my round-the-world trip in March 2013 after abolishing the last of my evil credit card debt.


Adorable kids make me go "awwwww!"

Adorable kids make me go “awwwww!”


Since January 2014, I’ve been a resident of Taiwan, and am still fairly bemused by Mandarin, entertained by my students, incapacitated by the local alcohol on occasion, enthralled with corners of the country I’d never heard of before, and have made a few trips to nations I’d never been to, and of course I’ve been eating all the food.