If RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestants Were Travel Destinations

Rupaul’s Drag Race is a true phenomenon in the television world, having transcended way beyond the LGBT community. Over its eight seasons, the Logo show has been consistently serving creativity, uniqueness, drama, extravagance and fishiness. From Ongina’s “Most Addictive Reality Star” award in 2009 to the show’s Primetime Emmy nomination for outstanding make-up in 2015, it seems that the world – gay, straight and everything in between – can’t get enough of Rupaul’s Drag Race. I have already admitted to…
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June 5, 2016

Couchsurfing, I Love You, But Some Of Your Friends Need A Talking To

Couchsurfing has changed a lot in the past few years, there’s no denying that. The format of the site to the very audience using it has changed drastically, and it’s become a lot more mainstream.…
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May 16, 2016

My 2016 Travel Plans!

It’s been a quiet year on the blog so far. Not having a computer makes typing blog posts significantly harder but now that that issue has been resolved, well, you should be hearing from me a lot more frequently.…
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May 11, 2016

A Saigon City Break: I Heart HCMC

After I booked a rather last minute Saigon city break during last year’s Moon Festival, I approached the vacation with a little trepidation. Vietnam can get a bad reputation from some. I’d avoided…
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May 9, 2016

Purple Suitcase Problems

Sitting on board EVA Air’s (in)famous Hello Kitty plane bound for Incheon Airport, the main air hub serving Seoul, capital of South Korea, I was a little worried. You see, I was travelling with Ting,…
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November 2, 2015

Surviving Vietnam Scams

In the lovely land of Vietnam, scams are rife and always lingering at the forefront of any traveller’s mind. Well, any traveller who’s done their research. Ting and I decided to head to Ho Chi…
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October 5, 2015

Becoming A Cranky Old Traveller

I’ve always been old for my age. When other kids were running around carefree on school trips, I’d be the one standing worried that I’d miss the coach if I indulged in too much playtime,…
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